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Welcome to the Dominators website!

Dominators is a FreeRealms guild that resides primarily on Server 3.

This main page will be the location for people to find out about news and events concerning the guild.  Upcoming events can be viewed in the upper right, or just click the Calendar link above for a complete listing.

New Dominators should click here to register so they can get to the Forums link above.  Please check back regularly because the best stuff is found in there.

Anyone interesting in joining the Dominators should click the * Guild Charter * link on the left for more information about us.

Please don't forget to spread the news about our website when you log back into FreeRealms!
  Enjoy and have fun!!

Guild Charter Revision - Important

Joey Darktrekker, Dec 17, 09 10:51 AM.

Guild Charter Revision

Dominators should note that the latest update has changed combat drastically in such a way that it affects our guild charter and the central focus of our being in the game.  We will hold a private discussion in our members forum about this critical issue, so don't forget to sign in so you can access the discussion here.

Stacking Bug Fixed in Snow Days Update

Joey Darktrekker, Dec 16, 09 6:44 PM.

Stacking Bug Fixed in Snow Days Update

The stacking bug which affected chests and trades appears to be resolved in the latest game update.  We believe it is safe to proceed with player-to-player trades and using the improved vault, but recommend you pay attention just in case any glitches are still present.

The Snow Days event has also arrived with this patch, and we already have the quest and event information on that here in our members forums.

Trading Bug Confirmed

Joey Darktrekker, Dec 2, 09 2:13 PM.

Trading Bug Confirmed

NOTE:  We do not recommend trading valuable items until this issue has been resolved.

Some players have confirmed that there is yet another critical bug in FreeRealms.  This bug is related to the chest bug since it involves the cap on item stacking.  Details are few, but what has been confirmed is the following.  If you attempt to trade a shard to a character that already has that shard, it will be destroyed in the trade.  If you attempt to trade a stack of something to a character that would be over the stacking cap for that item, the stack of items will be destroyed.  The bottom line is that anytime you trade, you risk losing your items.

Stacking cap information has not been released to the gaming community at this time, so we have no way of knowing what would be destroyed and what won't.  All we can guarantee is that if you are trading an item to someone that has zero amount of those items, the trade will probably be successful.  Otherwise, the item(s) will be destroyed in the transfer and won't even end up in the original owner's inventory.  This can be confusing, so until this bug is fixed, we recommend to our members to not trade any items they really value.

Treasure Chest Bug Confirmed!

Joey Darktrekker, Nov 24, 09 9:11 PM.

Treasure Chest Bug Confirmed!

NOTE:  We do not recommend turning in treasure tickets until this issue has been resolved.

After two months of empty chests from minigames, pet excavations and even from the Royal Vault, SOE has confirmed that an item stacking bug has prevented you from winning items that you were supposed to be rewarded.

Here's what has been happening.  When you win an item from a chest, the game checks to see if you have one of those items already.  If it's clothes, armor, shards, weapons, etc, you do not receive the reward if you have one already.  If it's something like potions, etc, then it checks to see if you are over the cap limit.  We have not been informed what that cap is for particular items.  Anyhow, this means that if you are over the limit on any items rewarded from a chest, you will not receive the reward.

If you have lost treasure tickets due to this bug, Referee Scarlet has posted that you may submit a Question one time to be reimbursed for those lost tickets.  I inferred that they have a way to calculate how many tickets you lost.  However, you will not be reimbursed for any treasure tickets lost after the announcement of this bug today.

Pex confirmed they are going to fix the bug on chests coming from mini-games, pet excavations and the vault.  Again, I would not recommend spending treasure tickets until we see positive feedback from the FreeRealms Community.  We will update you here as soon as we see that.

Kart Racing Challenge

Emily Liondancer, Nov 20, 09 5:49 PM.
Hello Dominators!

Our Kart Racing event held last Tuesday , Nov 17th, was spectacular! The races began at 6:00 am Pacific Time and ran until midnight.  All day long we had competitors arrive and take the challenge, racing the five courses and having a great time doing it. Every Dominator that came online Tuesday participated and I could not have been more proud of our guild.

As we waited for our turns at the race track, I had to smile because everyone had butterflies and nervous tummies when getting ready to start, including me! But that could have been because we all knew Joey the Judge was in there with us watching every move!

The track challenges were set on expert and very difficult. But with every track completed, confidence grew and everyone was encouraging of one another. Members from level one kart drivers to level twenty competed and the results were outstanding. Everyone did well and times were close. Good Job!

I hope we can do this type of event again in the near future and more of you can test your skills. And in case any of you were wondering...I personally ran Judge Joey through all five races just to see how well he would do. The results were the highest of all. His over all time was:
11:11.02  Congratulations on the time Joey.

I want to thank everyone of you that came out and made this challenge such a fun, rewarding and successful event. I do believe our Dominator family is the best in Free Realms! 

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